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Though sports betting is full of uncertain moments and unexpected results, there are some tried and tested hacks that can help improve one’s chances of winning profits. The guide below discusses 7 tips to keep in mind for your next cricket bet. For more such tips and tricks, cricket news, and IPL cricket match prediction, keep on scrolling.

So, let’s get started.

   1. Prepare Yourself For Failure

Think of betting money on cricket as investing in the stock market. The chances of a person becoming a millionaire by investing money in a single day are close to zero. It takes time, effort, and skills to gain profits. And skills take a lot of time to develop, one has to go through several stages of failures and losses way before making a solid income from the stock market. The same goes for betting, you analyze the statistics, interpret data, and put your money on the best opponent to get a higher return.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts or magic instruction manuals that give you 100% positive results every time. The only way for you to earn profits via betting is by going through the phase of failures and losses.

   2. Know The Ins And Outs Of The Game

One has to learn about the sport they plan to bet on, and the knowledge of cricket gained by watching two games before the bet is not enough. You should expect profitable results only if you are genuinely fascinated by the sport and its rules. Don’t go around wasting your hard-earned money betting on cricket just because your friends are doing the same and it’s trendy.

Knowing about the importance of external factors such as pitch, weather, and the ground is as important as the teams and their performances.

Pro tip: A dusty pitch with several cracks tends to favor the spin bowlers.

With thousands of different sources available online, you can learn about the sport with one just click. If reading articles and news is not your cup of tea, try watching interviews and cricket biographies. Talking to different people and befriending like-minded people along the way is always a good idea.

   3. Do Not Overthink

A lot of people tend to overthink their decisions while betting. They become obsessed with planning their strategy, overanalyze every little detail, and in end get overwhelmed with thousands of different possibilities.

Don’t get it the wrong way, it is advised to be cautious of the money you put on risk to minimize your chances of loss, but putting too much time and energy into building and perfecting every little plan is not sustainable either.

Loss is inevitable with risk, you cannot expect profit without loss. 

You can, however, have control over how big or small your loss could be by sticking to a budget. A strict budget will help you make necessary decisions on how much you can afford to lose.

   4. Be Careful Of Online Fraud

With thousands of people trying to attempt their luck at sports betting, there has been an enormous rise in the number of fraudulent cases for money exploitation. People lose thousands of dollars to illegal betting apps and websites every year.

Ignore all betting-related text messages, emails, and advertisements. Scammers usually offer huge discounts, free trials, attractive cashback, etc in an attempt to lure customers in. Try to not fall for these marketing gimmicks and choose a trustworthy platform.

While registering to an online platform, try not to disclose any personal information and contact customer care immediately in case of fraud.

   5. Check For Injuries And Comebacks

Injuries in cricket, just like every other sport can have a drastic impact on the betting business. They limit players physically, directly affecting their performance on the field as well as mentally and emotionally.

Some of the injuries can be small and forgettable while others create havoc in the game. For example, injuries to opening batters can change the scores drastically. The same goes for injuries of the star players and the captains of different teams. It is therefore important to pay attention to the news and get regular updates.

If a dependable player of a team has been injured, reconsider your decision. 

If a player is making their comeback from a break after years,  the chances of them being out of form is pretty high. Players go through an emotional roller coaster ride during their break that has a psychological impact on their minds. That is something to consider before putting money on them or the teams they are in.

   6. Keep The Fanboy Within You

In a country where players are worshiped as a god and their win is celebrated as a festival, people invest emotions with their money on the bet. It is important to realize that emotions can be your worst enemy when it comes to earning money through betting. Trusting your favorites a few times in a series is fine, but putting money on them constantly without a solid explanation can easily turn your luck upside down. 

Your loyalty has nothing to do with where you decide to bet your money and it is better to at least get one thing than lose both.

   7. Never Chase Your Losses

One important quality of a bettor is knowing when to stop. The urge of betting more in an attempt to recover the lost money is known as chasing your losses. The more you wait to stop the harder it becomes. 

After facing a huge loss by betting their money, the majority of people find themselves desperate to bet even more to break even and this desperation continues to increase with time. It is therefore important to stop at the right moment, analyze the situation and focus on the next game.

Lastly, learn to be patient. It is common to lose money as a beginner, and even people with decades of experience have to face negative results. It all comes down to your luck and strategy, so spend time researching and building an effective plan.

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