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Is your air conditioner dripping and spoiling your whitewashed wall, drawings, and carpet right beneath it? It is really an upsetting situation. Right? Avail our AC services offer Right now!

But the good news is that this situation is solvable. You just need a little patience and skills to track down the cause of the leakage. If you have got the skills, it is awesome. However, if you do not, do not tamper with your costly electrical appliance.

Instead, book professional AC services in town to get your air conditioner inspected and repaired quickly. Skilled service providers will track down the reason and eliminate it as soon as possible.

Most Common Reasons and Solutions for a Dripping AC

In this article, you will come to know some of the most common reasons for your drippy air conditioner and the potential solutions for this problem:

Clogged Drain Line

A clogged condensate drain line is one of the main reasons for a dripping or leaky air conditioner. The drain line is actually there to channel the moisture from the unit outside your AC.

This moisture also contains dust, dirt, and grit that can accumulate in the pipe over time if you do not clean it regularly. If the drain pipe clogs, it will not let the water flow outside the unit.

When there is no way out for the water, it will start to accumulate inside the system. And a point comes when it finds a way out, but it is not through the drain pipe and from somewhere else.

The water starts leaking and collecting right in your house. It not only ruins your whitewashed wall but can also seep down and impart structural damage.


So, why not keep this problem from happening? You should regularly maintain your AC by booking AC repair services in Karachi to avoid leakage.

In this way, you will be able to find out the minor issues beforehand, preventing them from becoming expensive repairs.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

Cold air is meant to get out of the unit and fill your room to make it cool and comfortable. But sometimes, it can not go out due to blocked airflow.

In this situation, when there is no way out, the air starts flowing inside the unit in search of a way out. When this cold air touches the evaporator coils, it freezes.

And when the frozen evaporator coils melt down, the moisture starts leaking from your unit. Another reason for your air conditioner dripping is a refrigerant leak.


Inspect your unit properly to track down the problem with it. If it is a refrigerant leak, you should get it refilled. You can book AC installation services in Lahore to refill your refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filters

When you do not clean your air conditioner’s filters periodically, the dust and dirt accumulate in them, making them dirty. Such filthy air filters have their pores blocked with grit.

As a result, the cool air can not pass through. When there is no way out, the air starts roaming inside the unit. When it comes in contact with evaporator coils, it freezes them.

When your system is off or running at a higher temperature, the evaporator coils start defrosting. And water starts leaking through the system.


The one and only effective solution to this problem is to clean or replace your unit’s dirty filters. You can replace your AC filters on your own or you can book the best home maintenance company in Pakistan for this job.

Incorrect Installation

Sometimes, you might roll up your sleeves to install your newly purchased air conditioner or your own. If you do not possess the right skills, you might end up installing your air conditioner the wrong way. Or you can also damage your unit or its components.

On the other hand, you may hire a novice AC technician who does not have any idea how to install the air conditioning unit effectively. He could end up with an incorrect installation that can lead to future problems such as leaks.

Improper installation not only leads to leakage but also expensive repairs and replacements, which can prove heavier on your pocket.


If you want your unit to work optimally through the whole period, you should choose the right AC installation services in Karachi. Professional service providers have years of experience and training that make them the perfect choice for this job.

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