Kratom is one of the most famous botanicals people adapt into everyday holistic practices. But since Kratom is made from the Kratom tree’s leaves, the powder may be rather potent, bitter, and herbal. Others put the powder in foods and beverages to mask the taste, while some claim it is an acquired taste.

There are many ways to consume kratom powder. Whether you are new to Kratom and unsure how to use it or a seasoned user searching for novel ways to take your daily dose of Kratom. You may easily incorporate Kratom powder into your wellness routine by doing everything from the traditional toss and wash to producing smoothies or pills.

Dosage of kratom powder:

Utilizing a scale is the most effective way to gauge your Kratom dosage. You can ensure you are getting the right amount of Kratom powder by using a scale that can weigh items down to one gramme.

Purchasing a cheap scale is helpful because you can use it to measure meat and other components for food in addition to Kratom. Start small when using Kratom if you’re new to it, and work your way up. Start with between 50 and 100 mg.

Take 0.5 g the following day, and then gradually raise your dosage as you get used to improving your wellbeing. After each dose, wait at least 30 to 60 minutes before evaluating your feelings. The Kratom serving size is 2.4 g. Never take more than two servings in a day.

Benefits of Kratom Powder: 

Kratom powder, unlike stems and leaves, is versatile and can be blended with other materials. Kratom extract may be too potent for some Kratom aficionados. Even seasoned users need to start slowly when using the extract, even though extract tincture is sometimes simpler to include in foods and beverages.

Powder offers seasoned users several ways to take their daily dose and is a simple way for new Kratom users to see how their body reacts to the herb. The majority of Kratom users take their dose on an empty stomach. However, not everyone may benefit from this.

Before they eat in the morning, some people experience nausea. When using Kratom powder, you can consume it whenever and however you like.

How to use Kratom Powder?

Here are a few ways in which you can constructively use kratom powder.


One of the most common ways devoted Kratom users consume their drug is toss-and-wash. Toss your prescribed dosage into your throat after measuring it out. Drink your preferred non-carbonated beverage to chase it.

Some individuals enjoy mixing the Kratom into the beverage by swishing it around, although this is not necessary. Try splitting your medication into two dosages if you are new to toss-and-wash.

Smoothies, tea, and other beverages:

You may need to experiment with incorporating Kratom into various beverages to determine which blends best because the powdered form of the herb does not always mix well with liquids. Adding the powder to a smoothie is one strategy most Kratom users find compelling.

You can still make tea with kratom powder or best kratom capsules, albeit it takes a little more work than using the stems and leaves. In boiling water, some of the benefits of the alkaloids are diminished; therefore, many users might not find tea brewing as efficient.

Stir vigorously after adding the powder to a cup of hot water. To assist the harshness of the Kratom, add honey, agave juice, coconut oil, Stevia, or even maple syrup. You may also make coffee using this approach if you don’t like tea.

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