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In today’s realities of megacities, people are often faced with the oversaturation of the streets advertisements of organizations and businesses, flooded space in the marketplace, on the Internet and even in public transport. Every day, a large number of logos are created for advertising agencies. Advertisements of these agencies should be more vivid and unique than those of similar agencies to demonstrate effectiveness and prove competence.

Logo at the advertising agency allows you to reveal the character and reflect the individuality of the firm. Some companies are trying to emphasize the stability, status and reliability of performance, through strict company signs in a minimalist style. Others are trying to make brands as bright and unexpected, creating an emphasis on creativity and positivity. Creating a logo for an advertising company or agency that specializes in PR-technologies, it is necessary to be guided by non-standard approaches to demonstrate the capabilities of the firm and allocation in the competitive market in order to attract potential clientele.

Peculiarities of logo creation for advertising agency

Logo creation should start with generating a unique, different idea from competitors. The logo should attract customers, instilling confidence and a forward-thinking vibe to the organization. It is necessary to be based on the following 5 principles of an ideal logo for an advertising agency:

– The right choice of font;

– Optimal selection of colors;

– The perfect business line (slogan);

– Compliance with trends should not be excessive;

– There should be a competent layout of all elements.

What images, colors and fonts will be optimal for the advertising agency?

Intelligently generated promotional Logan should be memorable, arousing emotions and increasing the loyalty of potential customers, increasing their trust in the company. Consequently, the idea should be worked out: the symbolism, the form, the color scheme used and the selection of fonts. The font should be easy to read and take up no more than 30% of the total logo. The selection of colors should be based on a psychological perception of color palette and the desired effect.

As a rule, advertising agencies are trying to use a combined text logos that combine symbols and texts.

Images and symbols used in the logo of advertising agencies

According to statistics, most advertising logos are typographic. They are easier for the perception of the audience, which contributes to a quick memorization.

Also widespread, combined options, combining symbols and text inscriptions. The third most popular option is the use of geometric shapes, abstract elements and lines.


A logo for an advertising agency is proof of professionalism, because a logo is one of the main elements of advertising. By highlighting the logo among agencies engaged in similar activities, the flow of clients who want to cooperate increases.

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