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If your car goes without a wash for months on end, dust, dirt, and grit can build up on the car’s surface and damage the paint. Just as the exterior of your car requires regular washing, the interior needs routine attention, as well.

Therefore, you should take proper care of your car’s exterior and interior. No doubt, you might already have performed an entire wash job, but are you following the right steps and using quality car care products? Does your car look just like you wanted it to look? If not, do not worry!

Specialized Car wash services have come up with a step-by-step guide to effectively washing your car. Follow these steps and make your car look like a brand new one.

Steps to Wash Your Car Properly

In this article, you will come to know a complete step-by-step guide to washing your car just like the professionals do:

Rinse Your Car

Take a bucket full of clean water and rinse your car. It will help remove all the loose dust, dirt, and grit from your car’s surface.

It not only makes the further cleaning process easier but also saves you time in the long run. All the dust and dust particles come down with the water you pour on it.

If you are washing your car on your own, you should follow these steps carefully. Otherwise, you can let an expert wash your car. Find an expert car washer by typing “car wash near me” into Google.

Use Two Buckets

Sometimes, you start washing your car on your own, but you end up being exhausted as you have spent hours but your car is still dirty. Let me tell you why this is happening.

You must be using only one bucket for cleaning solution as well as water to rinse. In this way, your washing mitt will not get cleaned. The dust and dirt will again stick to your car’s surface regardless of the time and energy you have spent.

Therefore, you should use two buckets so that one can contain a cleaning solution and the other one can contain clean water. This way, you will be able to remove all the dust and dirt from your washing mitt properly.

Start at the Top

Many car owners wash their cars, starting right from the tyres. It does not seem like a good idea. How?

When you are done with your car’s tyres, start washing your car’s top. It will make your car’s tyres dirty again.

Because the water coming from your cars top contains dust, dirt, and grit that comes into contact with your washed tyres. As a result, your car tyres become dirty again, increasing your work.

Specialized car detailing services recommend washing your car’s top first, which will save you time and energy.

Use Quality Cleaning Products

Sometimes, you try to save some money and start washing your expensive car with kitchen detergents that can harm your car’s paint and texture. No doubt, you are saving a little money, but you are damaging your car in the long run.

It can cost you a lot of money for costly repairs. Therefore, you should always make sure you are using reliable, high-quality cleaning products to preserve your car’s quality and texture.

Rinse it Well

When you have washed the whole body of your car properly, it is time to rinse your car well. Take excess clean water and pour it on your car from top to bottom. It will remove all the remaining dust and dirt, making your car shine like a new one.

Remember! Do not use dirty water that has become dirty. This water will leave dust and dirt particles on your car, making it look dirty even after hours of washing.

Dry Your Car

After washing and rinsing your car well, it is time to dry it so that no water drop can leave a mark on it. For this purpose, you should use a microfiber cloth to avoid scratches and marks.

If you have followed the above steps but your car is still looking dull and outdated, there is something you are missing. But you do not need to worry. Book car detailing services at home and give your car the look you love. Expert car detailers have years of experience and training, which is why they are the best option to choose.

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