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Among the most popular weapons in e games, a character’s whip or wit is essential for success. Even the most basic items require skill to master. One such item is Mr. Toots, a pony weapon that shoots a rainbow beam of destruction. If you’re a fan of classic platformers, you’ll enjoy these weapons. But which ones are the most useful? Read on to find out!

Scorpion’s spear

The Scorpion’s Spear is a classic fighting game weapon that has influenced countless other video game weapons. The spear’s power is that it impales into the victim’s chest and pulls them towards the Scorpion. This weapon is attached to a sturdy rope and can be launched with hellfire. As you can probably guess, this weapon is a very powerful tool that can be used to kill multiple opponents at once.

Royal Broadsword

The Royal Broadsword is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. With a base attack of 36, this weapon is one of the most powerful weapons available to players. The Royal Broadsword is also quite versatile and can be used for both melee and ranged combat. In addition to being highly effective, it also looks good with a shield. As an item in the game, the Royal Broadsword can be obtained in the Tabantha Frontier and Akkala Heights. It is dropped by Hinox.

Mr. Toots

As a lethal unicorn, Mr. Toots has earned his name for its multi-colored beam of energy. Using it, you can destroy entire city blocks. As a bonus, you can also carry Mr. Toots to take out the enemy. If you can survive the first few waves, he might be your best bet to survive the rest. This weapon has a lot of drawbacks, however, but it’s worth playing it anyway.


There are a number of reasons to consider the M16 as one of the top weapons in e gaming. Unlike other assault rifles, it has a relatively low range, but its various attachments make it very versatile and effective for close combat as well. The M16 also comes with an extended +p magazine, which adds more bullet damage. The weapon can be played fast and furiously either using frantic gameplay or a slow, methodical approach.


The PPSH-41 is a fast-firing, medium-ranged weapon that is popular among competitive shooters. This weapon is loaded with perks and equipment that can increase its effectiveness. The PPSh-41 loadout is ideal for close-range combat, and features an 8mm Nambu 71 Round Mag for increased ammo. The recoil booster can improve your time-to-kill and help you snatch the kill.

Master Sword

The Master Sword is the most powerful sword in the world of Zelda. It is so powerful that Link must prove his worth by defeating the evil Ganon, and it can also be upgraded through a number of different methods. The first of these upgrades is the Tempered Sword, which Link obtains after reuniting with his old Swordsmith. This upgrade allows Link to swing the sword with a deeper sound and produces a glowing orange blade. The second upgrade Link can get from this sword is the Golden Sword, which is obtained by giving the Master Sword to the Cursed Fairy located in the Mysterious Pond of the Dark World or within the Pyramid of Power.

Ice Staff Code

When you upgrade your Ice Staff, you’ll be able to use the Ice Staff’s AOE to crack riddles and freeze gravestones. You can also increase the damage done by ranged skills by adding the Ice Staff code. This code will give you a 6% damage buff and will prevent you from losing energy to ranged skills. This code is incredibly useful and can give you a great advantage when playing the game.

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