People love to watch cricket in India. We all played cricket in our childhood. Cricket is loved by people in India and it has many spots which can change the pace of a match. In our childhood, we might get our fellow batsmen a runout just for fun sake but runouts can play a really important role in a match. In a normal match of cricket, players usually have some pressure on them at the end of the match. This would create a chance for a mistake done by any player on the field. One of the mistakes which can change the whole pace of a match is a run-out. People always get disappointed whenever IPL News Live score updates about a runout in a match. One run-out can spoil the whole strategy of a team that is looking to create a good score or is chasing to achieve the goal. Especially in the tournament of IPL, the world’s best players participate in this tournament and these players always look for any window which can help them win the game.

Most memorable runouts in IPL history

IPL has many iconic moments with some legendary players. Sometimes batting team is scoring well and there are more chances for a good score but a single miscommunication between the two batsmen can completely ruin their partnership as one might get run out because of the confusion. Therefore, some of the greatest runouts in the history of IPL are given in the following points-

  • Kieron Pollard is a well-known all-rounder player from West Indies. He’s not only known for hitting big sixes but also is known for his incredible fielding skills. This guy was a franchisee player for Mumbai Indians who have helped them in winning multiple championships. He helped his team by running out Yuvraj Singh on a very crucial stage of the innings in an IPL match which completely changed the fate of the opposition. Yuvraj Singh was in great form that day and he might have won that match if Karen Pollard didn’t have run out of him.
  • We all know Mahendra Singh Dhoni for his finishing skills. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been a clutch for his team for many years. In recent years, Dhoni is not only known for his batting skills but also for his incredible wicket-keeping abilities. Dhoni is a great leader and in one match he stopped the fielder with a signal so that he could run out the better batsman the fielder waited for the better batsman to cross the field and then threw the ball toward Dhoni where he showed his reactionary skills with the ball by hitting the wickets and making the better batsman out.
  • Yuvraj Singh was one of the most loved layers in India. He is known for hitting six sixes in an over and was a brilliant batsman. Yuvraj Singh was also one of the best fielders from India. He had great reflexes and presence of mind while fielding.  Yuvraj Singh was heavily inspired by Johnty Roads for his Fielding skills. Yuvraj Singh recreated the famous run out of Inzaman against Mumbai Indians when they needed two runs in one ball does winning the match.
  •  David Warner is one of the greatest talents cricket has ever seen. In a match where commentators were appreciating the work done by Stuart Binny on the batting end, on the next ball David Warner hit the wickets from being 60 yards away and led the way toward the bench for Stuart Binny. Everyone believes that if Stuart Binny wasn’t out in that match, then he might have led his team toward victory but David Warner just couldn’t let that happen.
  • Rohit Sharma made the most impossible runout in IPL history. In 2009 the batsman hit the ball toward Rohit Sharma, he not only stopped the ball with one hand after diving, he came back to his knees and had only one stump to aim at, but he knocks that stump. This fielding attempt was heavily appreciated by the cricket community as well.
  • Sachin Tendulkar showed us in a match that a batsman should never take a run after a misfield committed by the fielding side. After thinking that the team had made a misfield, the batsman started to run towards the opposite end of the pitch but recovering the ball quickly Sachin Tendulkar threw the ball towards the other end where the batsman was found nowhere near the crease being out from that innings.
  • No one can forget the Amit Mishra runout in IPL. At this moment, the fielding team missed two attempts for a run out of the opposition team. At this point, everyone thought that they were watching a comedy movie or a scene but on the third attempt, no one saw that the player got out with an inch of a step.

There are also some players which hold records for the most run-outs in IPL. The top players for run outs in IPL are Suresh Raina with 16 run outs, Manish Pandey who also have the record of 16 run outs, Virat Kohli with 19 run outs, Mahendra Sigh Dhoni with 21 run outs, and Ravichandra Jadeja with the most run outs in IPL. He has a total of 23 runouts in the tournament. All of these players have one thing in common which is that all have been inspired by the great Johnty Rhodes who has set the benchmark for the players in terms of fielding.

So, these are the greatest runouts in the history of IPL. All the moments mentioned above-created drama and excitement among the people who were watching the match as we all know that anything can happen in a match of cricket. Cricket is a game that requires a team effort and a single person cannot lead their team toward victory. Therefore, proper coordination between the players of a team can help them in winning a match with not only bowling or batting but also with a great piece of fielding.

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